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Every Door Direct Mail Printing in the Dayton, OH, Area

If you're exhausted from mailing out flyers and postcards that haven't brought in new business, you can rest easy now. We've got a solution. Early Express offers Every Door Direct Mail printing, or EDDM services, all over the Dayton, OH, area. With EDDM, you can reach the people you want without buying a mailing list.

How Does Every Door Direct Mail Work?

Every Door Direct Mail is a USPS program that allows companies to send marketing materials to every residence and business on a given carrier route.

What Are the Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail?

What will your company get out of using EDDM? In a word, money. EDDM is one of the most affordable ways to reach every person in Ohio with direct mail.

Is EDDM Right for Your Business?

Early Express's business is to make you more successful, so we want you to use the services that are best for you. Every Door Direct Mail printing and mailing is most likely to suit local companies that target a specific area.

For example, if you own a movie theater in the Dayton, OH, area and have decided to start offering tickets at half-price on Thursdays, then sending flyers promoting your Thursday discounts to every household in your zip code is a great idea. Companies that work with the elderly are also likely to love EDDM, since senior citizens are less likely to respond to digital ad campaigns.

If EDDM sounds like it would help your company, give us a call at (937) 223-5801 to get a free estimate or more information.

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"I love working with Early Express - they are, without fail, friendly, professional, and prompt. They have always done amazing work for us, and I would recommend them to anyone!"

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