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IP Targeting & Digital Multi-Channel Advertising in Dayton, OH

As we continue to learn and expand our capabilities an online solution was essential for our customers. We've launched this innovative new service to connect your message and deliver results!

Power of digital ads with direct mail in an easy to understand format. No click charges, emails to manage or keywords to figure out. Just online ad impressions served directly to whoever YOU want to hit. It can be your clients, your prospects, your donors, subscribers, etc.

IP targeting uses a computer's IP address to deliver targeted ads to your clients. You send us your client list and we add their home IP addresses to the file. Then you can begin serving display or video banner ads using the IP address directly to your client and increase your revenue from them.

How it works:

1. Send us your client (or prospect) list
2. We'll add their IP addresses whenever available
3. We'll place banner ads on your client or prospects device to support your mailing

The ads reinforce your brand and drive traffic to your store or website. Those additional touches typically result in higher revenue. 

For more information, please click  here  or give us a call. We'd love to help you increase your revenue.

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"I love working with Early Express - they are, without fail, friendly, professional, and prompt. They have always done amazing work for us, and I would recommend them to anyone!"

-Dana D., Google+

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