When a file is too large for email, or perhaps you want a more secure way to transmit your data with encryption to our team... we offer this secure link above for your convenience. 

We work with a variety of sensitive data industries such as Accounting, Non-Profits, Legal, Financial and Healthcare. This Sharefile FTP link has great usability while maintaining the security a lot of our clients need!

- High-grade data encryption
- 25+ customizable security settings
- Supports HIPAA, FINRA, other industry regulations
We're experienced in direct mail marketing and can help you kick-start your next campaign. Below, you'll find a roundup of some of our frequently asked questions (FAQs).  

Who do you serve?

Everyone. This includes smaller organizations like business agencies to larger companies such as hospitals and manufacturing firms. 

Are you able to provide cost-effective solutions for any type of mail?

Absolutely. With our service, you have several opportunities to save. You can contact us to schedule a consultation and we'll gladly discuss what we can offer and discuss your budget requirements. 
Expert creating online marketing plan


Q: Do I need to have my own permit number from the USPS to take advantage of these lower direct mail postage rates?
A: Nope. In fact, we allow our clients to utilize our Mail Permit or Indicia so they can save the $250 per year in fees from the USPS. 

Q: What do I need to create a Direct Mail campaign for my company?
A: Direct mail is an ideal marketing tool to reach existing customers or for attracting new ones. We can help you setup a cost-effective direct mail campaign from scratch, or execute one you have ready to release. We make it easier than ever to market to a targeted audience or geographic area with the latest in variable data technologies and our full spectrum of printing capabilities.

Q: What are your normal business hours?
A: We are here to help - Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm. We would love to discuss your needs, please call us at 937-223-5801.

Q: Do you offer pickup services?
We absolutely do! We can retrieve the mail from your facility on one of our daily routes. 

Call today to schedule a consultation. (937) 223-5801

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